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Bachelor of Science (Honors), with distinction:


May 2003

University of Manitoba  Winnipeg, MB

Master of Science

Microbiology and Biotechnology

June 2006

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Editing Certificate Program

June 2018

Simon Fraser University Online

Plain Language Certificate Program

February 2020 

Simon Fraser University Online

I have a BSc (Honors) in Biotechnology, which is a fancy degree name for a double major in microbiology and chemistry. I took a full spectrum of classes from physical, organic, and biochemistry; molecular biology and genetics; and microbiology and eukaryotic biology. This broad scientific base allows me to understand and write about a wide range of technical topics. 

I have a MSc in Microbiology and Biotechnology from the University of Alberta and nearly 15 years industry experience in environmental microbiology applied to oil sands mine reclamation. I am an expert in microbial hydrocarbon degradation, methane production, tailings reclamation, and oil sands pit lakes. During my oil sands career, I wrote documents aimed at a variety of audiences from engineers to field technicians, and I learned how to tailor each document to meet the specific audience's needs.

More recently I have transitioned to freelance editing and writing. I completed certificates in Editing and Plain Language from Simon Fraser University, and I focus on editing technical and scientific manuscripts for university research groups, including ESL graduate students.

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